The Construction Department


To all PSI Foreman:

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Service: The people who make it happen

Mark Bartoy: Construction Manager

Mark joined the company in our second year of business. Initially he was brought on as a taping foreman but quickley proved his leadership and took over as our first taping superintendent. He continued in the position working with Steve Johnson until September 2007 when he took control of the construction department. Marks hands on approach in the construction department can be seen daily on any of our sites. Under Marks management our field staff completed our largest volume to date in 2008. And in doing so kept a safety record of 1 accident per every 7,000 man hours worked. Of the 8 accidents incured in 2008, 7 of them had a total claim cost of less than $2,500.


Rick Hamilton: Taping Superintendent

Rick has been with our company on and off again since our inception. He spent several years as a tenant improvement superintendent for Chinn Construction, finally returning to us in 2008 to take over the taping reigns from Mark as he moved into the managers position. Rick demands excellence from our finishers. His presence onsite is constant and his tenacity of getting things right make him a favorite with our customers. I think the finest compliment I have heard paid to him was "I never have to check to see if the job was done. If he tells me it will be ready it is".


Steve Boyd: General Foreman

Steve is as fine and individual as we can put forward. He is among our top requested foreman, and anyone who has worked with him will know why. Steve joined us our very first week of business and has been turning over one sucessful project after another ever since.


Guy Vanness: General Foreman

Guy is our master problem solver. He is without a doubt the finest mechanic any of us have ever known. Guy has an amazing knack of being able to pass that craftmanship along to his subordinants. Guy heads our heavy gauge division, and spends most of his time on our toughest projects.


Jesse Clark: General Foreman

Jesse has been with the company almost as long as Steve Boyd. He is the third piece that completes our top team. Jesse just wrapped up the Microsoft Parking Garage project with GLY Construction. It was one of our companys largest projects to date, He was instrumental in completing our scope on-time and within budget.