To all PSI Foreman:

For general jobsite information and related forms see the resources link at the top of the page.



Framing Resources


Steel Stud Manufacturers Association Catalog:

SSMA Product Technical Info.

Cold-Formed Steel Details

Single Deep Leg Deflection Track

Unsheathed Flange Bracing

Interior Non-Structural 30 Mil Framed Walls



Technical Specifications Manual

Priceless Steel Products (framing accessories)

Supreme Framing Systems Product Submittal

Supreme Framing Systems Screw Allowable Load Table


Security Mesh:

AMICO Security Mesh Product Submital

AMICO Security Mesh Installation Instructions


Ballistic Panels:

Bullet Guard Product Specifications

Bullet Guard Level III Specifications

Bullet Guard Installation Instructions

Bullet Guard Batten Detail


Miscellaneous Resources:

NWCB: Technical Document - Friction Fitting and Gap Tolerance of Metal Studs, (Updated version 01/2010)

NWCB: Field letter of 02/2010 describing "Attachment of Stud to Track", (Confirms Friction Fit)

NWCB: Technical Document - Non-Load Bearing Partitions and Lay-In Acoustical Ceilings

NWCB: Technical Document - Interior Non-Load Bearing Partition Bracing Option


Drywall Resources


ASTM C-840-08 Standard Specifications for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board

USG: The Gypsum Construction Handbook

Gypsum Association Fire Resistance Design Manual

CertainTeed Gypsum: Technical Information (Pro Rock)

CertainTeed Sheathing: Technical Information

DensGlass Exterior Sheathing

DensGlass Ultra Shaftliner

DensShield Tile Backer


Ramset Product Information:

Drywall Adhesive Technical Data Sheet

Water-Based Sound-Control Sealant Technical Datat Sheet

Ramset Powder Performance Submittal

Ramset Gas Performance Submittal

TrackFast Plywood to Steel Pin Performance Tables

Ramset Wall Systems Submittal,(Complete guide)

Gypfast Product Specification and Submittal Info


Miscellaneous Resources:

NWCB: Technical Document - Gypsum Wallboard and Winter Weather

NWCB: Technical Document - Installation of Control Joints in Interior Construction

NWCB: Technical Document - Water Damage - Gypsum Board


Taping Resources


USG: (Bead-x) Installation and Application Guides

USG: (Bead-x) Data / Submittal Sheets


Miscellaneous Resources:

NWCB: Technical Document - Recommended Procedures for Judging Gypsum Wallboard

NWCB: Technical Document - Recommended Levels for Finishing of Gypsum Board

NWCB: Technical Document - Understanding Level 4 and Level 5 Finish


Miscellaneous Resources


Fry Reglet: Reveals and Moldings Shape Finder



Employee Forms


Frame/Drywall Timecard Blank

Frame/Drywall Timecard Type-able

Taper Timecard Blank

Taper Timecard Type-able

EWA Form Type-able or print blank

2009 I-9 Form

2009 W-4 Form

Employee Information Form

Safety and Loss Control Policy

Substance Abuse Policy

Workplace Violence Prevention

Diciplinary Policy


Emergency Action Plan

Project Safety Information (Cover sheet for Fall Protection Plan)

Fall Protection Program

Accident Investigation Guidelines

Foremans Report of Accident

Instructions on Foremans Manual

2009 Safety Letter: To all Foreman / Lead men


Partition Systems Safety Program Index

Partition Systems Safety Program Manual 2009